How to be mindful while traveling through an Airport

Airport travel is, lets all admit, a bit stressful especially when connecting multiple flights. Maintaining composure while standing in line, barefoot, about to pass through the first security checkpoint can be enough for me to crack. Here is a list of things that I came up with during my twelve hours of travel: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson -to- Cancun International -to- Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima -to- my final destination, mi querida Trujillo, Peru.

1. Take a screen shot of your flight information and set it as your cell phone background.

Instead of trying to pull up your email every 5 minutes, or writing down flight information and having to keep up with one more piece of paper, try changing your background. You wont

2. Remember, the only thing you really need is your wallet.

This is something I often forget. At the very least, though it is all that you need. I have stressed over lost luggage, carting around heavy bags, etc. Just remember, so long as you have access to your account, and identification you are good to go.

3. Keep only your wallet handy.

Airports are vibrant with many colors, people, and postcards. By all means, enjoy the time spent there, you can learn a lot about a city or culture in passing though stores packed with post cards, handmade fabrics, chocolates, and local trinkets. Of course you must stop into every one, and of course you will need to buy all the chocolate and easy reads for the plane ride. But after purchases, put the things in one of your multiple bags and continue on your journey with just your passport in hand.

4. Always carry a bottle of water. 

Drink water, and then some more. This is especially important when traveling alone. Lines can get long, and after long flights of halfsleeps you find yourself scrambling between connections sometimes exerting the same amount of energy as you would during a HIIT training sesh. I found myself yesterday in the middle of what seemed an hour long line getting a bit dizzy from focus and lack of water. Not good. And if you are told to toss the bottle before passing through security, pues.. seca lo!!

5. Count your steps.

If you begin telling yourself you cannot – and heaven forbid – will not catch your flight, stop. Take one second, maybe two. Stand tall, look forward, and go. Counting my steps is a way I become present. You cannot predict the future, you do not know in fact that you will miss your flight so don’t limit yourself to such awful outcomes.

6. Seat yourself to treat yourself.

Whether on the flight, or the underground train that takes you from Concourse A to B as in Bravo or the shuttle you must ride from one terminal to the next, find a spot with a good view. You are there to fly from one place to another, yes, but you will miss out on your vacation if you don’t take time to stop and smell the roses.

7. Embrace the crying baby.

Obviously, there will always be noise on a flight, and yes, that includes 7 hour overnight flights. If you happen to have a crying baby behind you, know it has happened to just about everyone. Embrace the discomfort of their screams, and understand that poor baby is probably on the flight against its own will. Bless its heart. Pop in some earplugs and enjoy the silence of your mind, or watch a movie.

8. Boarding a plane from the tarmac is gold.

If you are lucky, you may be directed through the gate to a shuttle which will take you through the parked planes on the tarmac. You will exit the shuttle at the wheels of the plane and be lead up rickety stairs to the door of the plane. If this is you, you’ve struck gold. Climb the stairs slowly, and upon reaching the final step, feel and know that you have arrived. Take a deep breath of fresh air and prepare for take off.

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