Peruvian Cuisine

Leche de Tigre


The streets of Trujillo are busteling with food vendors. Each providing all of the essentials, ranging from carts spilling over with small chocolates, galletas, chicles, and nuts, to fruit carts, to carts that will prepare a small meal. Yes, there are carts along the sidewalk that will sautee Chifa a Peruvian twist on Chinese food , flip hamburguesas even bake cupcakes upon request. All on a man powered, rollable cart. Stationed in the same esquina street corner each day.

The picture portrays a very common cart found along sidewalks in Trujillo. Claudia serves cups filled with a mix of raw fish, Choclo Peruvian corn and la salsa, Leche de Tigre. She is not from Trujillo, but brings her cart and supplies with her to one of the busiest esquinas of Trujillo.

El Leche de Tigre – Tiger´s milk, a lime marinade used to prepare Ceviche. 

Ceviche is a much loved dish along the coastal cities of Peru. The recipe consists generally of raw white fish that is marinaded in a lime juice mixed with onion, garlic and cilantro. The dish is served with a side of Choclo Peruvian corn and Camote a less sweet Peruvian sweet potato. Each family proudly prepares their own Ceviche recipe making every plate served, special and unique. So if you have the chance to partake, enjoy each bite.

While the idea of consuming raw fish may sound a bit risky on your digestive system, most is safe to eat. The danger of becoming sick does not lie as much in the raw fish itself, but the water used to clean the fish. The well calculated lime juice concoction will kill any bacteria in the fish, however it will not kill bacteria in the water. Therefore, it is important that you make sure to ask how the fish was cleaned before consuming.

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