Trafico de Lima

As a native of Atlanta, Georgia, I have a solid grasp of what a traffic jam consists of. The mental and physical anguish of baking on a five lane highway in bumper to bumper traffic is quite miserable, especially when all you can think about is getting home in time for dinner.

Now imagine the chaos of I-85 south at Chershire Bridge before a Falcon´s game. The heat, the honks, the exhaust, now take away all white lines, add a semi or two and you’ve got a good idea of what traffic is like in Lima.

Peruvian drivers are tactful and agile. They scoot between each other in an impeccable dance to the finish, wherever that my be. Many say there is a lot of danger in hopping in a taxi in Peru. They are known to drive like locos and you are at high risk every time you step foot on the sidewalk.

Picture taken moments before driver abruptly hopped the median as seen on the right.

I argue against such assertions. In my opinion, the drivers in Peru, consisting mostly of Taxis, are the most alert drivers because they have to be. Most taxi drivers I have encountered are older men who have been driving for years. They do not check texts, emails, or facebook while driving. They are focused and on a mission. They do not joke around, they drive you exactly where you need to go with prompt poise. The ride can be quite an adventure, if you relax and remember that these people have been doing this for years. If you can muster up enough courage, you will do it all without wearing your seatbelt, Peruvian style.

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