Alitas on the Terraza

Saturday night, after having spent three hours almorzando at a Panchitos, a restaurant in Miraflores, it was decided we would stay in and invite old friends over for a more tranquil gathering.


We stopped by WONG on the way back a Peruvian supermarket to pick up piqueos tapasEveryone was to arrive at 10pm. Around 11:30pm, the first few friends arrived and they were embarrassed for arriving fashionably early. We stood in the kitchen and were served Pisco Sours as Karla gave the last few touches to the boiled fingerling potatoes and salsa a la huacaina a creamy sauce of blended cheese, milk, toast and hot pepper. We were lead then to the Terraza which provided a spectacular backdrop view of Lima illuminated. As we enjoyed our Piqueos, Karla continued preparing food for us to eat as we sat and enjoyed conversation. She fired up the grill and we sat with mouths watering as she placed Alitas wings on the grill. I was amazed by the way she would sip casually on her drink, and enjoy conversation with old friends all while managing the roaring grill stacked with wings.

Alitas a la Parrilla

They came out in batches of 10 to 15 and were consumed immediately. By this point a large group of friends had arrived and the night crept on. By the time the last batch was served, Karlita had stolen my heart. The Alitas were by far the best I had ever tried. I had observed her preparation; the sauce, the grill placement, the amount of time she let them cook etc and saw no difference in the way I had seen them prepared before.

So I asked her what was her secret. She smiled and said piedras volcanicas. Volcanic Rock – from her back garden. Around 4am I was plumb tuckered out and went to bed, everyone stayed up until 6am as is custom.


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