Ice cream in the Park

It is Thursday afternoon and I decided to take a stroll through Parque California.

I gathered my books, put on my shades and walked two blocks between construction sites on both sides of the street. I arrived, and to my surprise, was able to find a quiet spot in the middle where the fountain sits.  School was letting out and the ice cream man swiftly made his rounds.

This is Ametio, he is 56 and has been selling D’onofrio for 25 years. He is from Trujillo, and he tells me this is his only job. These Icecycles -as I like to call them- can be found hovering around school gates, and public places such as the post office and the Plaza de Armas.

To my knowledge, Donofrio is the largest ice cream business in Peru. These bicycle-carts sell waffle cones with your choice of flavors such as Princessa (my favorite chocolates I buy from Sra. Rosa – still working on my Princessa chocolate addiciton), strawberry, and my personal favorite – Lucuma.

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