El dia sin Luz

As I completed my first month of work, and wait patiently for my ‘pago’ the time for cutting costs is neigh.

First thing this morning, I sorted through ways I can keep myself from unnecessary purchases to save a Sol or two. As my list grew I became more and more ashamed of myself. All of these unnecessary packs of trident gum, Coca Cola, ‘safe’ packaged fruit from the Publix like supermarket, PinkBerry frozen yogurt and my weekly addition to my wardrobe are all things which in no way reflect the lifestyle here. Certainly not that of the family who now lives in a tent provided by the government because their house was swept away with the mudslides in March.


I woke up this morning ‘sin luz’ – without light – because the city had run out of power. And this happens often.

I grew up in a very separate and different world. One which is spoiled  by urgencies of immediate self satisfaction – be it entrepreneurial success or social status. I will continue to be separated from these people unless I am able to mindfully rid myself of my 18869783_1030086003792309_1466706655_oembarrassing obsession with my things. My wifi, my daily splurges, my comfort of being able to get myself to higher ground at any moment come any threat to my physical health or my reputation.

So where do I start? I think it will require awareness. I must observe the attitude I have brought with me, and examine its benefits and faults. I must keep focus on the people around me and understand where I can insert skills I have which they may need. For now, I will continue to teach English and provide skills that will set my students up for success. I will help them when they ask for it, and provide a way to open doors to the wonderful world of English and all it has to offer.


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