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La Playa de Pacasmayo

Pacasmayo is a great destination for those who are looking for a quiet weekend at the beach. The city is small with a Plaza de Armas (or city center) which sits right on la playa.


The town holds a lot of colonial importance as it acted as both a central train hub, as well it served as one of the largest port cities for Spanish trade. Along the ‘boardwalk’ you will find several ‘Casas Reupplicanas’ which were constructed during the late 1800’s during the same time of the construction of the pier, or Muelle. The Pier served as an important character that served as the foundation of the City which soon became a central trade point for Spanish conquistadors

IMG_5575 (2)

The Muelle, or the Pier of Pacasmayo was built in 1870 and is fashoned as the heart of the city. It stretches a whopping 773,40 meters or a half a mile into the Pacific and acted as a loading dock for the Ferrocarril Peruvian Railway. While the pier has experienced ware and tare over the past few decades, it has held fast against the waves of the Pacific for 147 years. You may buy a ticket to walk to its edge for a mere .50 Soles. Follow the train tracks, they will take you all the way to the end.

The ‘Casas Republicanas’ were constructed in 1865 and stand proudly along the beach. These were the first things seen from the Pacific as the Spanish ships arrived from sea. These homes mimic 20th century architecture of Spain and accomplish an illustration of Spanish colonization and control over Peru during the time. The framework was pre-constructed in the United States. The Boards along the walls of the house are coated with tar and filled with sand to keep weathering. Capitan Don Mauel Francisco Herrera was the first to reside in the house. It is now known as Club Pacasmayo. The house has been converted into a restaurant and makes a great place to stop for lunch.

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Another good spot to see is el Faro, or the light house. The light house is just a 15 minute moto-taxi ride away and over looks the spot where the waves for surfing are best.



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