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Papa a la Huancaína

Papa a la Huancaína is a Peruvian favorite. The dish consists of a creamy sauce, Salsa a la Huancaíína, which smothers slices of boiled potatoes. It is traditionally dressed with a boiled egg and two black olives.

This recipe comes from Cocina al Toque, my favorite daytime cooking show. 


1 hot pepper (Aji Verde)

.5 cup milk

1.5 to 2 cups of fresh white cheese (unaged white cheese)

two cloves of garlic

3 or 4 pecans

Vegetable oil

1 or 2 boiled eggs

3 boiled white potatoes

lettuce leaves

Soda Crackers


  1. In a saucepan, sauté the hot pepper with garlic until cooked
  2. Take off the stove and blend with pecans cheese, and milk in a blender until well blended. Here, you may add Soda crackers which will add a bit of body to create a thicker salsa

To Plate

Place a few pieces of lettuce as the base, add slices of boiled potato and smother with your fresh batch of Salsa a la Huancaina. Garnish with a hard boiled egg and two black olives and enjoy with a cold glass of Chicha Morada.


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