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El Segrado Ceviche

Ceviche, where do I begin? This traditional raw fish dish is one of the ost popular dishes in Peru and by far my favorite

Think fish, fresh caught, straight from the Ocean. Ceviche preserves the delicacy of the raw flavor of fish and its subsequent nutrients. Softer than most tartar with a zing of spice and lime flavor, Ceviche is a plate that should never be turned down.


Preparation depends on the household. So long as you kill the bacteria, you are good to go. Thus, this raw fish dish relies completely upon the marinade cocktail of lime juice, onion, garlic, and salt. Simple but necessary in the consumption of raw meat


Ceviche is most traditionally served over a bed of lettuce with camote Peruvian purple sweet potato and Choclo Peruvian corn with massive kernlas. While white fish is the most common choice of fish, Ceviche is also prepared with Pulpo Octopus, Mariscos Muscles and clams, Tollo Shark, Camirones Shrimp, Concha Negra Black clams, Calamares Squid, and even Chicharon de Pescado Fish fritters.

Mar Picante is one of the most known Restaurants in Trujillo that serves Ceviche. This video features el Dueño and his Chef preparing a traditional Ceviche de Peru.



1 kg of fresh fish (the fresher the better)

20 limes

1 red onion

1 hot pepper

1 tbs of Salt

1 pinch of Pepper

Celery, Cilantro – al gusto optional


Slice the onion in half from top to bottom (tunic to root) and slice each half into small paper thin slices.

Squeeze juice from limes – keep in mind the juice is meant as a marenade and should be continually added

Chop the fish. The idea here is to keep things uniform. Ceviche is usually served with the fish cut into cubes, however is also served in thin slices. So long as there is a similar surface area on each piece, the dish will come out just right.

Cut the hot pepper lengthwise into thin strips

Add the Salt and pepper with optional ingredients to the fish, mis and let sit for 3 to five minutes.

Add lime juice.

Add the onion.

Stir gently and let rest for 5 to 10 minutes.

To Plate:

Place lettuce as the base of the dish. Spoon Ceviche on top, and serve with slices of boiled sweet potato, and Choclo. Garnish with Parsley or cilantro al gusto and enjoy your dish of fresh fish.

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