¡ A Comer !, Trujillo

Pisco Sour

If there were an official national cocktail in Peru, it would be the Pisco Sour. Hands Down. Pisco defines each night spent at the club until 5am.

From the Chilcano Pisco and gingerale, Chilcano Boticario Pisco, Gingerale, and a mix of herbs, to Pisco con Maracuya tropical fruit of Peru to this beautiful Pisco Sour, Pisco dominates bar shelves all over Peru.

Two parts Pîsco, One part Jarabe de Goma, One part Lime Juice

Pisco is a liquor which is distilled from Grapes. It comes in three varieties, Quebranta, Acholado, y Italia. There are others such as Mosto Verde an Torontel. Each is defined by the grape that is used to distill the liqour. All three are from Chincha, Peru, the central hub for Pisco production.

Like the champagne of France, Pisco is considered Pisco only as it originates from the region of Pisco. Thus, any liquor from any other region of the county is known as Puro de Uva.

Leo, the Bar Manager shows off their fresh jug of Homemade Pisco



While Trujillo sits nine hours north of Lima, this bar provides its own Pisco. Their house Pisco is distilled in Lima and brought in growler sized jars by truck. ‘Hay un amigo’ says the bartender. A friend who is responsible for transportation of this liquid silver.

To prepare:

1 part Lime juice – stick to the most acidic, says the bartender.

Limes in Peru come in a number of varieties, Pisco Sours are prepared with the most acidic to cut the deep body of the Pisco. 

1 part Jarabe de Goma

Cane syrup

2 parts Pisco Quebranta

The strongest of the three most popular Piscos mentioned above. A stronger pisco is used as the base to the light flavors of the lime, cane.

1 egg white

Shaken, not beat.

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