Cajamarca, Pacasmayo, Trujillo

Trujillo to Cajamarca

The trip to Cajamarca from Trujillo is a bit long, but a phenomenal ride which is a great illustration of the Coastal zones and of the Peruvian Sierra.

Peru is broken into three parts, costa, sierra y selva coast, mountains, and jungle.  Cajamarca sits in the middle of the Sierra and thus the trip from Coastal Trujillo to la Sierra de Cajamarca is one of the most beautiful road trips you can take during your stay in Peru.

The drive will take you first through the beach town of Pacasmayo. This trip is flat the entire route. Within twenty minutes you are outside of the luscious cane fields of green and blue in Trujillo and stuck in the middle of the desert. Here you will find yourself in the middle of nothing but desert. The mountains are solid rock and sand and are nothing but rock. The only green you will find is in the small towns along the way.

Along the in-betweens lay archeological digs which give you a good idea of how large the Chimu, and Moche civilizations were.

Immediatly after passing through Pacasmayo, you will begin to notice foot hills, small and rocky, but foothills. These lead you directly into the agricultural area of the region outside of Pacasmayo, here begins the Sierra. Within 10 minutes of passing throug the city, you will hit one of the largest lakes in Peru, Represa de Gallita Ciega.  This lake is one of the largest in Peru. Here you can rent boats, surf boards, and go for a swim. Tembladera is a small town at the tip of the lake and provides a number of hotels if you’d like to stay the night.


After passing the lake, the road winds through green fields which climb the massive mountain range. The rest of the trip is spent climbing peak after peak to the tip top of the Sierra. Each turn brings you closer to the top, and having arrived, you will begin your descent into the City of Cajamarca, Peru.

To get there, go to a Linea office in Trujillo or book online. Tickets cost 25 soles and the trip will last 7 to 8 hours.


I traveled during the day, so I took a minivan to Pacasmayo and switched cars in Cruces. Do able, but not recommended if you aren’t familiar with this method of travel. It was a bit hectic in Cruces, but worth the hassel. The Senor in the front seat let me sit in his spot so that I could have the best view.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

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