If you make the trip to Cajamarca, I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch.

IMG_7251 (1)

Oasis sits just a block from the Plaza de Armas and draws quite a crowd during the busy lunch hours. Between 1 and 3 you will hardly be able to find a spot as waiters lift trays of gallina, sopa, and emoliente. Their ample serving sizes are just what any weary traveler needs.

To start your meal, they provide a complementary glass of Emoliente, a special chilled beverage similar to Chicha Morada. To prepare, Pinapple is boiled with apple and cinnamon. It is served chilled and is said to calm your stomach.

IMG_7248 (1)

Their menu offers both traditional plates of Peru, such as Arroz con pollo, Aji de Gallina, and Cuy guinea pig. On the first floor at the entrance they display puddings, yogurts, custards, cup cakes and alfajores with manjar blanco. All of which are made fresh in house.

You cannot find this place online, they do not have a website. They serve delicious food and are known by word of mouth. Locals suggest Oasis as a great place to sit and enjoy an afternoon meal.

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