Cuba, Havana

Get by with a lil help from un amigo

“Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world” explained my cab driver “people don’t believe it, but we are. No one is out to get you, and guns are prohibited.”

Not just is it a gun free environment, but there is a calming attitude amongst the locals who seem to be first focused on helping one another.

On gua gua #27 this morning, I sat in a seat alongside the window facing the center. On the bench next to me sat an elderly lady, and next to her a young woman and her child. In front of us swung people hanging into the railing bolted to the roof of the bus.

The baby began to whine, and immediately the women around me began to clap and make faces at the child to cheer her. The child began to laugh and everyone around smiled and continued playing with the child.

As the mother began to pull herself up, everyone reached out a hand and cleared the way for her to exit.

The people are tender and seem to help others before thinking of themselves. Of course this is my experience so far, but at first glance, these people are some of the kindest hispanics I have encountered thus far.

As I sit here and write my thoughts the bus driver and a woman waved to me making sure I knew my stop at zoológico was coming up. Thank you dear bus driver!

And on the way back, as the next bus driver refused to accept my CUC, the sweet old man behind me gave him a nod and handed him 2 CUP, one for his ride, one for mine.

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