Cuba, Vinales

Viñales, Cuba

To the west of Havana, just about 200 km, sits Viñales a small town amid a long mountainside covered in coffee and tobacco farms.

You can take a taxi, or you can arrive by bus. Either way it is a great ride that will take you through green mountainside.

Hay un lago de agua natural, no tiene nombre – says the taxista.

There are bike tours, and horseback rides offered as day trips. These tours will guide you through both coffee and tobacco farms, and end at the lake where you can cool off after a long day of riding.

The best restaurants to visit according to locals are Tapas and Colonial. The best salsa is at Polo Montanias, named after one of the best Cuban Salsa dancers of all time. Polo died in a car crash a while back and they have dedicated the dance club to him.

It is a quaint town where everyone knows everyone and the houses are not marked by numbers, but names. I hope the town is able to hold onto its communal essence, and is not taken by tourism.

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