¡ A Comer !, Cuba, Havana

The Cuban Sandwich

That glorious, world renowned, stuffed with love and pressed to perfection quick snack on city side streets; the Cuban sandwich has earned its reputation in good and honorable measure. Do not leave the Island without having tried one for yourself.

Each street car, or the open window of a family’s home, offers their own list of traditional selections: Jamon, Jamon y Queso, con Perro, con Tortilla de Huevo, con Hamburguesa etc. You cannot lose with any one of these options. They are served hot in a ripped piece of recycled printer paper, and to be enjoyed hot off the press. You can add condiments such as Catsup ketchup mayonesa mayonnaise or mostaza mustard.

Pan con Mayonesa – Mayonnaise sandwich
Pan con Mantequilla – Butter sandwich
Jamon y Queso – Ham and Cheese sandwich
Con Perro – Hotdog
Tortilla (de Huevo) – Scrambled egg sandwich
Con Hamburguesa – Hamburger sandwich

Only ever buy these guys from street venders, they are the true experts and take pride in their sandwich concoction. If they do not have what you are looking for go with what they recommend. Local suggestions are always the best way to go.

Unfortunately, I believe the magic of the Cuban is in the bread and butter which can only be found on the Island. All the more reason to visit the place for yourself.

TIPS: have exact change ready in hand, it is bad-mannered to ask the vendor to change a large bill for a low-priced Cuban.

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