The Ceiba Tree

During the rainy season, the Island of Cuba is rocked by flooding rains, harsh winds and hurricanes. 

IMG_9990The wrath brought by these natural disasters Cannot uproot the massive tree, and thus has become a beacon of hope to the people who so often see their Island destroyed. The tree’s manifest strength is worshiped by those who have witnessed its power in withstanding the damaging winds of El Niño. 

The Cuban people believe the Ceiba has its own special nich which cannot be filled by any other organism within the tropical ecosystem. 

As we trekked through the valleys and ranges on our walking tour to the coffee and tobacco farms, we passed the tree. My head down, I hardly realized what was going on as our guide, a local from the village of Viñales paused, and bowed his head in a reverent silence facing the tree.

“Ni los huracanos le puede hacer daño”. He said in a hushed voice as if the tree could hear our conversation.

We paused, admired, and then continued our tour over the ridge down into the valley of the Coffee farms of Viñales.

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