The Road to Matanzas

I took the bus, Viazul, to Matanzas. Hands down one of the most well-kempt greyhound busses I have taken yet. The trip lasts around two hours and follows the coast with beautiful sights of all of the Cuban beaches between the two coastal towns.


With a short stop about an hour into the trip to buy sandwiches and beer – yes the driver partook – we made it to Matanzas in no time.

The road to Matanzas is the newest constructed highway of Cuba, says Sr. Rodriguez. Why? It is one of the fastest growing tourist spots on the Island, and so the road from Havana is essential. He explained this during my ride from Viñales to Havana Cuba in a 1958 Plymoth Sudan.

There are a few ways to get to Matanzas. The safest is Viazul, You can purchase your tickets online, or you can simply make the trip to the bus station and purchase your ticket there. Be sure to purchase in advance, as these seats fill up fast. Another way to get IMG_1723there is by gua gua. I do not know where exactly to hop on the gua gua in Havana, however if you find yourself stuck for some reason in Matanzas, simply go to the bus station and ask for the Gua Gua, you will find a way back for sure.

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